Mariea and Ragnar in the field

Mariea is a practical field ecologist and native habitat expert with an academic and practical background in Environmental Science, Conservation & Land Management and Habitat Development.

Passionate about our native flora and fauna, Mariea works to bridge the gap between environmental academia and the everyday person, creating educational tools, projects and writing that have helped connect, educate and support local community groups, landowners, householders and school groups to become actively involved in conservation and take on responsible stewardship of our precious natural resources.

Mariea’s knowledge across many ecological fields, her skills in eco-science communication and her focus on getting the work done have led her to work with Landcare, DELWP, Port Authorities, Parks Victoria, local council and government in project development and citizen science programs for many of our critically endangered species.

She believes everyone can and should help build a more resiliant and wildlife friendly environment, and develops tools and programs to help schools and individuals develop Habitat Gardens that attract and support native wildlife.

Currently Mariea is enjoying working with the DELWP Iconic State Faunal Emblems Helmeted Honeyeater & Leadbeaters Possum Recovery Program, where she has helped build a critically endangered population into several thriving, genetically robust communities.

When she’s not out in the field with her faithful English Mastiff Ragnar, Mariea often writes for various publications and communities on programs she’s involved in and various ecological fields.